Karen Morton

San Diego County is one of the most desirable real estate markets, and I know that navigating the buying process can seem challenging. However, with my expertise, breadth of knowledge, and national network, you are in dedicated and trustworthy hands. I will guide and advise you during every step of the buying process.

How I support you:

  • Provide real-time market insights
  • Use my knowledge of on and off-market listings to find homes that meet your criteria
  • Take you to tour the area and share my local expertise
  • Help build your "buyer team" by connecting you with trusted financing organizations, vendors, etc.
  • In a competitive market, I can help get your offer accepted
  • Provide user-friendly tools to provide a seamless and efficient search and communication

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The Homebuying Process

The following pages outline the process for you as the Buyer. As your agent, I will be assisting you in every one of these steps along the way - I will ensure that you have the best professionals, position and preparation for every aspect of this transaction, in order to ensure you are protected and successful.

Prepare for Purchase

Contract to Close

The Homebuying Process


Discuss Criteria With Your Agent

Tell me about the neighborhoods you’re considering so I can help guide your search. I will help you prepare for the home-buying process and answer
your questions. I will be your guide and advocate through each of these steps.


Get Pre-qualified

Before beginning your search, your first step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan (unless you will be paying the full price of your home in cash). I can connect you to a mortgage broker. Based on your income and credit history, the mortgage broker will determine how much a bank will lend you, which will help you determine the price range for your search.


Visit Properties

Now is the time to consider your ideal home’s location and amenities. I will schedule and attend viewings and open houses with you spanning a range of areas and property types. These will be chosen based on our conversations about your desired wish list. Additionally, I have access to Private Exclusive properties before they are available to the general market. I will activate notifications for Coming Soon properties as they hit the market. I will also help you uncover the potential challenges of a home as well as the positives so that you can be confident you’re fully aware of every aspect when considering making an offer.


Submit an Offer and Negotiate

Once you identify a home you like, I will put in an offer, which is an agreement to pay a certain price for the home. This offer is packaged with a Proof of Funds (POF) and Pre-Approval Letter.

Note: if your offer is lower than the list price or with terms not acceptable to the seller, the seller will likely return with a counter-offer price or acceptable terms, which you can accept, reject, or make another counter-offer. I will provide you with thoughtful guidance and advice to ensure that the terms of the negotiation are rooted in your overall goals. This is where your agent is most important. Negotiations are complicated and nuanced based on the offer, relationships and quality.

Escrow Process

Life of an Escrow: 30 & 45 day escrow period

Day 1 Once offer is accepted, escrow is officially open and the clock begins on contingencies*
Day 2 Contact your insurance agent for homeowners coverage
Day 3 Initial deposit is due per terms of agreement
Day 1–17 Seller delivers disclosures to buyer. Buyer performs inspections (Step 6)
Day 1–21 Loan is in underwriting and appraisal occurs (Step 7)
Day 7–30 | 21–45 Seller signs grant deed and staging is removed, if any (Step 7)
End of Escrow Within final week of escrow period, buyer signs loan and closing documents and wires in closing funds (Step 10)
Day 30–45 Loan funds and escrow closes (recordation)

Home Inspection

Review Disclosures, Reports & Repairs

It is the buyer’s duty to schedule all desired home inspections and determine the overall condition of the property within the agreed timeline and contractual contingencies. But, I will always be there to support you and answer questions! I will help review the disclosures and preliminary title report. Once you decide what you are comfortable with, you may approve or negotiate credits/repairs which I will communicate to the sellers. Prior to closing, I will schedule a final walk-thru of the property to verify the property is still in acceptable condition and any negotiated repairs were done.


Loan, Appraisal, & Closing

Organize an appraisal with your bank. Your completed mortgage application with all supporting documentation should be submitted to your chosen lender upon receipt of the fully signed Purchase Agreement. The bank then issues loan approval. Consequently, the buyer wires the closing funds with the homeowner’s insurance in place, and then the loan will be funded with clearance to close.

Welcome Home!


You are now a homeowner. Now we celebrate!

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Compass Tools and Programs

How can I help you find your next home? At Compass, we are empowered with data-driven technology to deliver modern buyer and seller experiences. Collaborative and connected, I have direct access to the country’s top properties and the 25,000+ agents who represent them.


Collections lets you compare multiple properties—their size, neighborhood, amenities—within a central visual workspace. I can monitor market activity in real time, stay in constant contact, and invite collaborators to join in on our search discussions.


Compass Search can sort by a wide range of features and amenities to pinpoint the perfect home. Plus, discover exclusive Compass listings you won’t find anywhere else and receive real-time notifications of new homes with customized Saved Searches!

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What buyer isn’t looking for an edge over the competition? Browse unique properties that are only viewable on and leverage my network of colleagues to discover your future home before it even hits the market.

Find Your Dream Home with Compass

No matter where your move may take you, my national Compass network can help!

In real estate, relationships are everything. My national network of agents covers 45% of the country's population, making Compass a coast-to-coast network of collaborative, hardworking agents. When you're looking to move to a new area, I leverage these local and national connections to make your dream home yours.




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I look forward to working TOGETHER....

I go above and beyond to help my clients find their perfect home, providing guidance and advice throughout every step of the buying process. Together, we'll collaborate closely to find homes that fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Working with me means you'll have a seamless experience and be well-positioned to make your dream home yours when you find it. I make sure my clients cross the finish line with confidence and ease.

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Karen Morton provides enthusiastic, personalized service with proactive representation throughout each transaction and beyond. Contact her today to discuss all your real estate needs.

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